This article builds on the winning strategies we discussed in our first article. In addition, this article includes ten more strategies for playing casino slots. These strategies will make you a winning slot player.

Simple Single-line Machine Strategy

Check a single-line device and get a bonus to determine if you can play the maximum amount of coins/credits. For example, placing two coins on a two-point machine is advisable. The maximum payout is 600 coins/credits with one point inserted.

Machines that pay 800 coins for single coin wagers and 1,700 coins for two coins wagers will allow you to play only one coin at a time. While the payout is not increased by adding a second coin, it does not provide any additional benefits. Therefore, you should only play one coin at any given time.

Simple Progressive Machines Strategy

When playing progressive machines, it is best to have as many credits/coins as possible. You won’t be eligible to win the progressive jackpot if you don’t have enough credits or cash.

Always play in your comfort zone.

Do not be tempted by bonus Jackpots on progressive slot machines with a larger denomination than you can afford to play. For example, they should not feed a five-dollar machine with only one credit. To guarantee your eligibility for the jackpot, you should provide a five-dollar engine with as many coins or credits as possible.

Play the highest progressive jackpot

Always choose the progressive slot that has the highest jackpot. This is because they can use all machines to play individual progressives. However, the jackpot size might vary between devices. Therefore, you should choose the progressive jackpot machine with the highest payout.

Set a goal.

You must have a goal to reach a life-altering mega jackpot. A smaller goal may be more appealing, but it is still achievable. In addition, you can choose which type of slot machine you like.

Mega Payout Machines

Mega-payout machines can prove to be a loss for many. Smaller jackpots can drain your funds faster because they are less frequent. However, mega payouts/jackpot machines may be worth the effort in certain circumstances. We’ll talk more about these situations later.

Take the smaller jackpots.

Payouts of slot machines with a maximum payout of 1,000-10,000 credits/credit are less common and offer smaller payouts. This increases your chances to win at the casino.

Be careful with specialty slot machines.

These machines weren’t always smoke and mirror bandits. However, the addition of specialty slots like a wheel of Fortune or PE bank has made losing money more fun for slot players.

Percentages are significant.

According to a casino magazine report, the average payback percentage of nickel machines in the United States is 90.3% on quarter machines, 92.3% on quarter machines, and 94.4% for one-dollar devices. It also shows 95.9% for five-dollar machines. However, these numbers are not average.

Choose the most expensive denomination machine you can afford.

Always choose the highest denomination slot machine that you can board to play. Quarter slots pay 2% more than nickel slot machines. Quarter slots pay 2.1% more than dollar slots. Five dollar slots are 1.5% less than quarter slots.