Double Magic is a game that has been around for a long time, but most players have not heard of it. Microgaming developed it in the 90s. It was intended to be their flagship classic slots game but wasn’t given its due when it was first released. Over time, it has gained a reputation, even in the digital age, when people are only interested in the latest gadgets. It’s not the newest slot machine or the most exotic, but it wouldn’t claim to be. Double Magic is a slot appliance with a strong foundation and uses a format players are familiar with.

Double Magic may seem dated, but it still holds its own against today’s slot machines. Here’s why.

All Things Magic: Double down!

Double Magic has a classic theme that immediately puts players at ease. There are symbols like bars, cherries, stars, and more. This slot machine uses a classic, simple triple-reel design with one payline that runs through the middle. It stands out from the crowd of multi-pay line slot machines online.

If you loaded Double Magic, you may be disappointed, thinking you would experience the newest slot innovation. If you’ve loaded up Double Magic expecting to enjoy all the classics, your expectations will be more than met.

Casting Spells

Players use coins with a value pre-determined between $0.05 and $5,000.There is no difference in the odds between betting one cash or two since everything is pre-standardized. The house edge is the same, even though the winnings are doubled when you bet two coins. Only the amount you feel comfortable with is different. The betting range is merely 0.05 to 10, so you can bet whatever you want.

How to pull a rabbit out of a hat

The blue star is Double Magic’s most essential and elusive symbol. In Double Magic, the star plays several roles. One is a wild symbol. It will help you score most of your wins as it acts as a wild symbol. The blue star can form a winning combination if you line up two bars and one of the stars. If you want to be able to win big at Double Magic, keep the blue star in your mind.

The Wildest of Magic Tricks

The payout is multiplied each time the wild symbol appears in a winning combination. The winnings will be doubled when there is only one blue star. Two blue stars will quadruple your winnings. The blue star also helps you get the jackpot. This jackpot is equivalent to 1,600 coins, or $8,000.This jackpot does not qualify for the bonus associated with the wild symbol. In this case, you only receive the amount on the pay table.

When, wherever

Double Magic, as mentioned above, has been around since 1990 and has seen a few improvements since then. If it didn’t, then it wouldn’t have lasted. Unlike before, this game is now fully compatible with tablets and mobile phones. Any digital media that can be used on your mobile phone or tablet is always good. This feature is perfect for those who are constantly on the move and wish to play the Double Magic slot machine online without any restrictions.

Double Magic, Double the Fun!

Double Magic was a relatively new game when it first appeared in the late 90s. As the years passed, the game became more popular and a game you couldn’t stop playing for many different reasons. Double Magic is the classic slot machine you’ve been looking for but with modern features like a multiplier and wild symbols.

Dragonz Slot

Most people automatically assume that a Microgaming slot will be a great game. Does Dragonz, a new 5-reel slot from Microgaming, live up to the hype? The short answer is yes and no.

The game has 3D graphics, which give it an edge. Although the old school will always be in style, nothing beats a new title. This activity is an excellent example of how the online giant doesn’t overwhelm you with intricate details or finery but gives you a simple yet thorough game. This is not something we see Microgaming often do, but it’s refreshing.

You can find several free games in Dragonz. Most of them are linked to the various little beasts. There’s also a lukewarm Wild that will add a little fuel to the fire.

Fantastic Four

Four dragons can be encountered during play. Each one brings a unique gift. These guys are called Flint, Switch Frost, and Gobble. They will all give you ten additional spins regardless. However, they each add their special gift when you find three to five of them.

Flint is a dragon that breathes fire and, as such, brings Flaming Wilds. He will breathe onto the reels and light up the wilds for you to get extra rewards.Simple.It does the job and is entertaining to watch. Switch’s purple guy will activate what is called Stashed Wilds. As his name suggests, he takes away any wilds that aren’t making a win.

Frost is a chilly critter whose body is as white as the sky. He starts the Frosty Wilds process, which keeps wilds until they are winners. He does the same thing as Switch but in a slightly different way. Gobble is the fattest dragon and brings the Winning Wilds bonus. The hungry boy will be spitting wild all over the grid. This is the least exciting of the lot.

You can win in 243 different ways.

Microgaming decided to eliminate the conventional win lines because they are boring. It sounds generous to win on every spin. But unfortunately, the truth is not quite so rewarding.

We had to try several times before we could win anything, and we still only managed three Qs equivalent to EUR2.50.After a few rounds, we had nearly 200 more credits. This shows that more winning combinations don’tsometimes mean less volatility. It just means more money when you get a good one.

Dropping Coins

The controls on Dragonz were annoying, despite being streamlined. We could only access the spin button without having to fiddle around. To set our bet, we had to go to the settings.

Even in a demo, this isn’t very pleasant. It doesn’t instill passion in the player because you must find controls before playing. It’s a drag. This game is accessible because the minimum coin value is EUR0.01, and the maximum bet is EUR30.

Hear Me Roar

Dragonz is different from what we expected: It’s brand new but plays like an older game. The game isn’t terrible, but it’s not as exciting as other Microgaming activities.