Last month when I was on the tour to japan I learnt a lot of new things and had a lot of fun beside the work. I was watching some video on YouTube related to the aliens and found a name which I was very much familiar since my school days which was cutie pie. While watching the videos I got a link which was related to some pokies game and I went through that. After that I was astonished to see the world of pokies which was really the awesome one.

I was totally new in this world but by following the rules and regulations after following certain rules and regulations I got aware of that. When the link was opened I was surprised to see the suggestion and was confused in choosing the game. I was lucky that I got the name of this entitled one at the top of the suggestions and without wasting a moment i went for the complete download of this app in my android phone. The theme and graphics of this one is based on the lifestyle of the culture of this place and the animated characters which are used in this one is really very cute and will entertain you by the activity.

This had been crafted with three reels and single lines of pay and while going through this one I was feeling that I am playing some quiz and I was giving the answers much frequently searching the definition in the dictionary. The waging of the coins can be done at the max of three coins per line which makes the max betting of $15. The interface is full of many wild and scattered symbols whose pairing will lead you to make the win and the background sound which are used are pleasing one with good lyrics. I liked this one very much that made the order of the mp3 cd player of its music.

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